Available for Sale

This list has been updated November 29

Large Plant Package available for $315 shipped. It includes the following species.

Asplenium stololiferum(from Madagascar)
Begonia quadrialata quadrialata
Fittonia ‘Sauce’
Fittonia Pink Vein
Hydrangea Mystery Plant, Ecuador
Gesneriad Ecuador
Gesneriad Ecuador (maybe Pearcea sp.)
Peperomia aff. swartziana
Peperomia red center
Peperomia red rosette
Peperomia tovariana standard
Peperomia tovariana white stripe
Peperomia metallica
Peperomia ‘Venezuela’
Pilea black Ecuador
Pilea red Ecuador
Pilea purple Ecuador
Pilea Chartruese Ecuador
Pilea species Panama
Philodendron chinchamense
Selaginella white
Selaginellas From Ecuador (three types)
Selaginella rainbow from Ecuador
Selaginella bronze
Solanum sp. Ecuador

The following plants are available individually,

Asplenium holophlebium – 30 (for a three crown piece)
Marcgravia species Brown – 55
Hydrangea Mystery Plant, Ecuador – 22
Peperomia reptans – 24
Philodendron Tingo Maria – 50
Solanum sp. Ecuador – 12
Peperomia aff. swartziana – 26