Available Plants (and sometimes frogs)

This list has been updated June 18.  If you happen to live close or be driving through Portland OR, you are welcome to come pick up.  You can contact me at insearchofsmallthings@gmail.com.

Dendropsophus ebraccatus available for $35 each.  They breed well in groups of 4-8, and for me have been fairly equally split males:females, although I have heard that often they are very male heavy.  I only have one group of these left.

Dendrobates leucomelas available for $35 each.  These are tank raised babies and F1’s from Understory Enterprises line frogs.  The parents are 10 years old and unrelated.  They were not sold as ‘green footed’ but do display a very subtle coloring of toes.  The parent frogs of this group tend to produce babies with very unique head spots and great color.

*Shipping for frogs is via SYR and varies depending on location but is typically $35-80. For plants, it is a flat rate $7 for USPS priority.
Ferny looking Pilea from Ecuador 10
Peperomia ‘red moon’ Ecuador 12
Pilea ‘green charlatan’ 18
Pilea black Ecuador 12
Pilea Purple Ecuador 12
Pilea Red Ecuador 12
Pilea Mindo ‘serrated’ 15
Pilea Mindo ‘Undulate’ 12
Selaginella white peru-16
Selaginella ‘Madagascar’-12
Selaginella bronze Ecuador-14

Also would be happy to trade frogs or plants for anything on this Trade list! Send an email to insearchofsmallthings@gmail.com if you are interested.