The blog is run by (me) Emily.  I have been keeping amphibians and tropical plants since I was ten, and have always been fascinated by the small and wondrous, whether it be jumping spiders in my backyard or the ‘jewels of the rainforest’ (to quote Jerry G. Walls).  I was born in upstate NY but have been living in the PNW for five years now.  Watching a terrarium grow over time is one of my favorite aspects of this hobby.

My hope for the blog is to create a visual archive of information on the many species of plants suited to terrarium culture. If you have suggestions as to how to improve the content or interface, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. This site is a constant work in progress and I’d like to make it as easy to navigate and informative as possible.

Another reason for this sites existance is to keep track of information and photos of my own collection, which I keep a list of here.

I hope to have guest authors in the future in the hope of broadening the type and breadth of content. Chuck Nishihira provided significant content from 2015-2016. All posts written by guest authors will be designated as such.

The blog is *not* meant as a place to shop for plants.  A majority of the plants described on the blog are from my personal collection and are*not for sale* in any capacity.  If you are interested in purchasing plants, please visit the shop