More incredible photos from Ross Whetstone’s trip to Mata Atlantica in Brazil, 

Phrynomedusa dryade. Known only from a handful of sites. This male was found calling to unseen females near a small pool in a stream.

The sapinho da bromélia (bromeliad toad) — Dendrophryniscus brevipollicatus. Gracile limbs and locomotion are reminiscent of another genus of true toad (Bufonidae), Atelopus. 

A small glass frog, Vitreorana uranoscopa. Frequently found calling from foliage overhanging streams. This species is particularly agile, and can leap quickly between thin aerial roots.

Proceratophrys boiei, impeccable camouflage, and a reluctance to move when approached made this species challenging to locate. Fortunately, the males will often respond when their low croaking call is mimicked.


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