Begonia sp. Maura Wahau

Maura Wahau is an area in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. So far this Begonia is unidentified, and it might be undescribed, but it’s hard to say for sure with so many species from this region.   The leaves of this Begonia are beautifully speckled with pink dots, and leaf edges are also lined, with more dots, and not a solid line like some species (like roseopunctata, which is somewhat similiar in appearance).  The leaves for me have reached a maximum of about 3.5″ long but it is possible they can grow to a larger size in greenhouse conditions.  It retains the spotting with maturity. The stem is a pretty pinkish-red.  Given the opportunity it will climb readily up a slanted surface, producing leaves of a larger size than when grown flatly.