February vignettes

Inevitably, if you collect plants long enough, and with enough vigor, you will run out of space.  My partner and I bought our house two years ago, at which time all my plants and frogs were confined to two walls of a small bedroom.  Both of the small spare rooms are now filled to the brim, and the living space is not far behind.  It has been a fun challenge, to find plants that are suited to terrariums and open air conditions.

The large Aloe vera, Plumeria rubra, and Epidendrum below, are kept outdoors when temps are above 40F.  The Begonias are rex types and B. “Freda’.  The little orchid in with the Begonias is Dinema polybulbon, one of my favorites, for its ability to stay alive regardless of water, light, humidity or growth medium.  It flowers readily in open air or terrarium conditions.

This corner of the frogroom was not planned, but has done surprisingly well despite the light conditions of lower bowls.  The flatter one on the left, houses Bucephalandra and Homalomena.  The other two bowls house Asplenium, Microgramma, and Bryophytes. The pole is from Moonbeam studios and has a PVC pole covered in hygrolon and 3D printed discs to keep the pole stable in the glass water column.


The Begonias below were mostly all from the ABS Sacramento show this past fall.  The spotty cane didn’t come with an ID, but seems to be happy growing on the kitchen counter.

Much easier than sink watering,


And good old pothos for the hallway planter, which gets zero natural light and only occasional artificial light.