Email correspondence

posted verbatim,

Hello, my order came in packed in a Ziploc bag? It was not secured so it
flopped around in the box I have numerous broken stems. The same as
the plant that you stuck in for My friend, _______. I thought
honestly didnt spend $50 domestically for a plant to come in like that.
Im disappointed and I dont know if I would ever buy again with the way
this was packed. Im not the only person that has complained Ive had
several people tell me that they had plants come in the same way.
I just dont understand.

Hi ____

I guarantee live and healthy arrival for all plants. Please send a photo
and I will send a refund based on the quality of the plant. This was the
first time I have used biodegradable bags, and despite testing them prior
to use, they don’t seem to be ideal for mailing Begonias. The plant is not
for ______, but was bought by ______ for you.





“Hi _______,

It is specified on my website that the plants are sent bare root in bags both in the plant descriptions for each plant, in addition to here,

Naked Plants (getting started with bare root plants)

Is the plant limp at all? What I see for the Konmei is a plant with many leaves, and a few damaged ones.
additional response 
Hi ________
All the plants I grow need to be put in high humidity/under domes. Konmei especially, does very poorly in less than about 80% humidity. So nothing unique there.
The Konmeis I sent out were advertised as having ten leaves. Your plant has more than that. Please let me know how many healthy, intact leaves your plant has and I will reimburse accordingly. It is honestly difficult to tell from photos the condition so please understand, the reason I am inquiring is to ensure a fair solution for both of us.
Also, can you please send me a photo of the entire Gobenia? They are not good shippers and readily drop leaves, even when just moved around within a terrarium so I guarantee a healthy stem on those. This information is stated here,
If others you know are dissatisfied with the condition of their plants, I encourage them to get in touch with me promptly.
Customer :
I never mentioned the word refund.  I was trying to give you feedback. I am ___________ on Instagram. I think if you look at my user name you will see that I know how to grow begonias and have been doing it for over 30 years. Just letting you know I don’t think I’d ever purchase again. I can tell you that I import at least once a month and I’ve never had a plant come in from Vietnam or China that was less than flawless. You would just think that a domestic plant that you paid $50 for would’ve been packed more secure.
Hi ______,
As I said, I offer live and healthy arrival so please give me an estimate of the portion of the plant you are satisfied with and I will reimburse you accordingly.


Emily, you keep the $50 obviously you need it more than I do. What you need to do is use that money to take a few courses in customer service. Somehow you’ve made this my fault for your poor shipping and experimental shipping bags. To try and talk down to me is unforgivable. several photos that have been shared with me on Instagram of plants that you shipped out to customers/friends even worse than mine. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

Thank you for your feedback.
I apologize for the less than ideal shipping. In the past sending in bags has worked well, but the biobags, even though I trialed them prior to use, are not functioning the same as plastic.
My questions to you were clarifying. As for others having plants arrive in subpar condition, in all cases that have been brought to my attention I have offered refunds or replacements on the affected plants.


2 thoughts on “Email correspondence

  1. To be honest, the plant looks alive and fine. It’s like they didn’t research you as a seller and the fact that all your plants are shipped bare root. Isn’t Konmei rhizomatous anyway?

    1. Hi Katie,

      Thanks very much for your response and your kindness. I had the same initial reaction, but, gave her the benefit of the doubt. Not only is Konmei rhizomatous, but it is also a species that propagates more readily than most from leaves, to produce small plants very quickly (about three months).

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