Trade List

The following list of plants are ones that I am searching for.  Many are not available in cultivation that I’m aware of so I realize many of these are a stretch.  If you have any of these species and are interested in trading, please get in touch!


Begonia abdullahpieei (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia aequilateralis (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia amidalae
Begonia annulata (India)
Begonia apiensis (Borneo)
Begonia aridicaulis
Begonia atrica
Begonia alabensis
Begonia baramensis
Begonia bosuangiana (Borneo)
Begonia brooksii
Begonia caobangensis
Begonia chongii (Borneo)
Begonia corrugata (Borneo)
Begonia consobrina
Begonia crockerensis (Borneo)
Begonia darthvaderiana hybrids
Begonia decora (Borneo)
Begonia dinhdui
Begonia doloisii (Borneo)
Begonia eminii
Begonia eutricha (Borneo)
Begonia foxworthyi (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia fuscisetosa
Begonia gibbsiae
Begonia gracillicyima
Begonia gusilii (Borneo)
Begonia halmehera ‘Black’
Begonia hernandoides
Begonia hexaptera (Borneo)
Begonia holosericea
Begonia ionophylla
Begonia integrifolia
Begonia kasutensis (Borneo)
Begonia kiamfeei (Borneo)
Begonia kingiana ‘Black’
Begonia klossii(Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia lamriana (Borneo)
Begonia lanceolata
Begonia longimaculata (Ecuador and Peru)
Begonia lubbersii
Begoina masoniana tricolor
Begonia mazae nigricans
Begonia papyraptera (Borneo)
Begonia parakensis (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia penrissenensis (Borneo)
Begonia phoeniogramma (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia piring (Borneo)
Begonia prasinimarginata (Borneo)
Begonia pteridoides
Begonia madaiensis
Begonia reginula (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia rheophila (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia rhopalocavpa
Begonia rhyacophila (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia rufosericae
Begonia ruthiae (Borneo)
Begonia sibthorpioides (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia sikkimensiss
Begonia sinuata (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia sinuata var. pantiensis
Begonia sizemoreae ‘Red’
Begonia subnummularifolia
Begonia tagbanua
Begonia tenuissima (Borneo)
Begonia tigrina (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia tomaniensis (Borneo)
Begonia tuberculosa
Begonia vaccinioides (Borneo)
Begonia velloziana
Begonia wyepingiana (Peninsular Malaysia)
Begonia xiphophylla (Borneo)
Begonia yappii (Peninsular Malaysia)

Begonia U012
Begonia U013
Begonia U168
Begonia U336
Begonia U434
Begonia U476
Begonia U482
Begonia U486
Begonia U496
Begonia U497
Begonia U501
Begonia U502
Begonia U540
Begonia U558
Begonia U577 Green
Begonia U595
Begonia U604
Begonia U606
Begonia U632
Begonia U664
Begonia sp. Black Metallic
Begonia sp. Kalimantan Ultara
Begonia sp. Mantuk
Begonia sp. Miri
Begonia sp. Prachuap
Begonia sp. Sarawak
Begonia sp. Siripoi
Begonia sp. Temuyuk
Begonia sp. Tatau
Begonia sp. Unnan (silvery)

Any interesting (named or unnamed) rhizomatous Begonia species that stay small. 


Hoya buotii ‘Sunrise’
Hoya collina
Hoya coronaria
Hoya darwinii (any form)
Hoya densifolia
Hoya endauensis
Hoya engleriana
Hoya fitchii
Hoya flagellata
Hoya fraterna
Hoya hellwigiana
Hoya hypolasia
Hoya ignorata
Hoya patella var. white
Hoya picta
Hoya pubifera
Hoya pusila
Hoya spartioides
Hoya ruthiae
Hoya quinquenervia
Hoya rebecca


Argostamma sp.
Bertolonia sp.
Burmiestera sp.
Centropogon fimbriatus
Cyclanth sp.
Dycranopygium sp.
Dischidia sp. with interesting foliage
Drymonia decora
Elatostemma sp.
Monstera ‘Peru’
Nautilocalyx forgettii
Nautilocalyx ‘Pictus Jade’
Othe bullta Nautilocalyx
Pilea Mindo Undulate
Pilea ophioderma
Pilea Panama rosette forming
Pileas from Puyo
Melastome sp. that are hairy and small
Gesneriads with corrugated leaves
Peperomia species from Ecuador
Piler species with corrugated or otherwise unique foliage
Pyrrosia sp.
Sonerila sp. any and all (can trade for other Sonerilas)
Rhaphidophora sp. with exceptional foliage
Sinningia bullata
Rhodospatha sp. Glaucous
Triolena sp.

Oddball genera with exceptional foliage that are suited to terrarium culture.

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