Begonia amphioxus

This cane-like Begonia derives its name from amphi, meaning two ways, and oxys, meaning sharp.  It refers to the strange leaves being pointed at two ends.  It is native to only two limestone hills in Sabah (Batu Punggul and Tinahas).  Leaves are edged in a reddish-purple and covered in red dots which are subtly raised at the center.  Mature leaves have a slightly undulated edge, but new leaves are more dramatically undulated with a yellow leaf underlying the red dots.  This can be a finicky species but usually does quite well in terrarium conditions.

And here, the flowers.  Mine bloomed for the first time recently, but currently only has female flowers.  Quite unusual for a Begonia.  There are two seed pods with a large disparity in size, one being at least three times as large as the other.  Randy Kerr was kind enough to send some pollen so these could be pollinated.  Fingers crossed!

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