This tank is about a year old now, and houses over 50 species of plants.  It stands 36Lx18Wx26T and has zoomed cork tiles on three sides.  The substrate is a mix of turface and red infield conditioner in no specific ratios.  The primary purpose of this tank is to give shingling species room to grow vertically.  Marcgravias and many others do ok on sphagnum, but their growth is so much faster and more robust when climbing a wood surface.  Species that I was getting an inch or two of growth out of every year are now growing upwards of 12″ in a 6-month span.  It also houses some taller aroids, mainly Philodendron joepii, as it outgrew the other terrarium it was in.  Soon to outgrow this one, but it’s hard to be too sad about that!