Begonia chlorosticta ‘Red’

Begonia chlorosticta is a species from Sarawak, Borneo.  It was given the designation U038 before being formally identified.  For me it has been the most challenging Begonia species to grow, as it frequently goes through melting spells without any apparent change in environment or care.  It can grow to over a foot tall, with shrubby type growth.  Pictured below is the red form.  There is a green form and black form as well.


And here, the same plant a few months later with more mature foliage.


After being repotted into a taller bin,


  1. Lacy B.

    I’m currently having difficulty growing Chlorosticta Red. I seem to be in the melting phase. I’m adjusting moisture and humidity levels, as well as took a leaf cutting to try propagation. Fingers crossed!

    • It is an incredibly challenging species to grow. I have killed it a few times before. Most recently I killed some in two short days from a seller! A new record 🙂 those who have had the most success with it that I have seen are growing in well drained media outside a terrarium (but still high humidity) or in a very well ventilated terrarium. It seems the strain makes a big difference as this red one seems alot sturdier than the green one (in my experience). I have heard that it is difficult to grow with leaf cuttings as it is more of a cane type. A friend of mine has had success cutting up the leaves into small pieces and putting in a bleached (.01% and then rinsed) papertowel to root. This way they are less prone to fungal and bacterial issues. Best of luck with your plant!

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