Pilea sp. Green Charlatan

This Pilea is somewhat unique in it’s growth habit.  Many Pileas grow in a rosette, and some trailing pileas move across the ground in a similar fashion to creeping Peperomias. This is somewhat of a hybrid, in that it grows a full little rosette, and then sends out a horizontal stem a few inches away, and grows another full looking rosette.  It makes beautiful little colonies this way and doesn’t end up looking ‘shrubby’ like many Pileas.


Here it is seen growing up a branch, (quite quickly in this case) and is almost unidentifiable as the same plant.  Note with the long spacing between leaves and small leaf size (about .5 inch), compared to the leaves above which are around 2.5 inches.


Here it is when mature, with leaves around 3″.


And below, with more characteristic silvery white foliage,