Large Aquarium Bowl for Pseudomugil

This large fish bowl is about 18″ wide at the center, with an 11″ opening at the top.  When filled with water, it proved to be 11 gallons!

The Bolbitis is my favorite, so I used those as the dominant plant.  The wood had to be boiled so it sank.

This air pump is super tiny!

Originally I tried a cobalt light, but it did not work with the curved lid as the neck was not adjustable and would have left the light hanging in the water.  The one below has a very sturdy metal construction and remains fixed in the position you set it in, and easily attached to the curved lip.  Unfortunately, it’s not very bright, so I’m keeping the window open for supplemental lighting.

Natural light vs. artificial light, and a cool ring around the stand due to the addition of the light.  Hopefully the water clears up, as it looks rather green at the moment!

Here it is one day later, looking a bit less green.  With a human for reference! (thanks Ann Amato for taking this photo).


Fish species include Psdeudomugil gertrudae (2.4) and Parotocinclus sp. “Peru Bumble Bee Oto” (0.0.4).  Unfortunately, I can’t upload videos so pictures will have to do for now.  It has been rather challenging to capture them well, as they are fast, and the curvature of the glass causes a lot of distortion.

This one isn’t on a timer so after the rest of the lights shut off, it’s still glowing.  I think it looks better in darkness.


The picture below is after four months of plant growth.  The plants have almost hidden the UV sterilizer and heater at this point! Success!

I’m a little frightened at how quickly it’s grown in though, as now I might actually have to do some maintenance on the plants.  Currently the tank is getting a 50% water change monthly and powder spirulina every few days for the fish.