Peperomia aff. antoniana

This cute little Peperomia is found in Peru and Ecuador, and perhaps elsewhere in South America.  Its leaves only grow to be about 1?, and the entire plant stays under 6? in my experience.  Perhaps given something to lean on, it could get a little taller.  It is tolerant of a wide variety of terrarium conditions but doesn’t seem to like standing water on its leaves.

*update* after growing this plant for over a year and struggling to have robust specimens, I switched over to a well-drained potting mix and its color and growth have improved dramatically.  It has gone from a slow-growing slightly finicky species to a fast-growing robust one.


2 thoughts on “Peperomia aff. antoniana

  1. Hi there, I noticed in several posts that a few other plants such as some lovely tiny ferns appear. Could it be possible at all to name ALL of the plants that we see in focus on each photo? I’m very keen to know about pteridaceae. Also if ever you manange to get high enough up the Andes you might get some frost hardy plants. I’d really LOVE to try some of those tuberous peperomias that grow really high up and that should be frost hardy here in Normandy. I’d love to grow them as part of the paleobotanical project here in a fern wall amongst various Pteridaceae. Many thanks, Mark.

    1. Hi Mark,

      I will try to post the names of all the plants pictured in the future. Are there specific ones you are wondering about?

      In this image there is an Asplenium aff. daucifolium and some Solanum evolvulifolium towards the bottom.

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