Begonia darthvaderiana

Begonia darthvaderiana was discovered in 2013 near West Kalimantan.  It slightly resembles Begonia chlorosticta in its growth, and it’s temperamental nature.  It has been making its way into the hobby gradually over the past year, and I am happy to now be growing this species.

This species should be grown in terrarium culture only, not an open-air environment.  Like many of the more sensitive Begonias, care should be taken not to leave water standing on the leaves, but rather, moistening of the roots directly at the root base to maintain constant high moisture to prevent drying out.  I have been growing this species on sphagnum only, but have seen others grow it in potting soil with success.  It does not like temperatures above 80F, and should ideally be maintained between 70-75F.  Even short spikes above 80F can cause the plant to wilt quickly.  Having heard horror stories about its difficulty, I have been pleasantly surprised with how they are taking to propagation.

Some babies,

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