Sunday Bloomsday

This Clametis x cartmanni ‘Joe’ is blooming for the first time in the garden.  It’s been in full bloom for about two weeks and more flowers are still opening up.  Originally I meant to have this climb a metal arch, but, that didn’t happen! It seems happy enough being supported by a bamboo pole for now.  Growing next to it is Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’.

Various blooms and pre-blooms, and some more beautiful Cotinus foliage.

I’m not sure which I like better, the blooming California Poppy or the spent one.

And the foliage!

1 thought on “Sunday Bloomsday

  1. OMG, could that clematis have any more flowers on it? I think not. How beautiful. And I obviously need to check my callistemons to see if they’re budded up too…

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