Orchid Show Haul

The Oregon Orchid Society hosted their annual show in Portland this past weekend and the selection of plants, both for show and sale, were fantastic! Ecuaflora and Ecuagenera were representing Ecuador, and there was a vendor from Peru as well.  Emerald City Orchids, Greg Neilson, Stephanie Willis, and many orchid society members were also present.  As an added bonus of being a member, I got to go in a bit early to scope things out.  Having only gone to Orchid shows late in the past, sometimes not even on the first day, it was remarkable to see the difference in selection after a few hours.  The show started on Saturday, and when I went back on Sunday there were mostly just vendors and the plant pickings were slim.  Not completely surprising, but it was interesting to see what went first.  Lots of rare aroids were picked through quickly, and the hanging baskets of Rhipsalis were gone in the first hour or so.  Lepanthes and other miniature orchids were also claimed in short time.  Surprisingly, there were relatively few Pleurothallids at the show compared to previous years, but lots of Bulbophyllums and a good selection of terrarium ferns from Ecuagenera.  Ecuaflora came with fewer terrarium plants than previous years but still had a good selection.

I forgot to photograph the show, but, here are some of the new acquisitions.

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  1. I thought you had your arms full ! We’ll have to compare notes on Lepanthes C. I bought one too . It’s leaving in my small Terrarium . Seems happy enough at the moment , I check how it’s doing first thing every morning .

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