Spring Garden Update

Euphorbias! This really seems to be the month for them.

Unfortunately there were a few plants didn’t make it, including one out of two Correa ‘Ivory Bells’.  I have no idea why one died and the other didn’t.  They were planted around the same time.  It looked like it dried out too much, on a sunny day in March but maybe it was the cold.  They were both blooming through the winter and Spring did them in! The smaller California Poppies made it through the winter without losing their foliage (is this normal?)

Callistemon viridiflorous ‘Xera Hedgehog’ and Callistemon pallidus ‘Elenor’

This Rhododendron sinogrande is still looking pretty terrible, but this is as good as it’s looked all year 😮  How sad is that.

fullsizeoutput_3d5This Acacia was potted up in January, and seems to be doing alright.  Why did I pot it in January you ask? Ignorance! Next year I will be sure to protect it a bit more.


And the sweet smells!