Little Prince Nursery Tour

What a wonderful way to kickoff Spring! Mark Leichty and the staff at Little Prince Nursery were kind enough to give us a tour of their (73!) greenhouses, and give us opportunity for some shopping.  This was my first time to a large nursery operation and it was quite overwhelming.

The property is surrounded by a horse farm on three sides, adding to the idyllic feel.  The neatness of the flats was awe-inspring.  I’m accustomed to growing multiple species in a designated grow area, typically 6-20 species in 24″ cube of growing space, but seeing so many of the same type of plant was satisfying in a way that probably only the Japanese have a word for.

The greenhouses!  Most of the greenhouses were the size shown below, but they did have a few even larger ones with special plants.  There was probably ten greenhouses housing solely Sempervivum.

The plants!  One of the highlights was the greenhouse with all their stock plants, including many Grevillea.



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      1. Thanks. I get a message about being blocked by a firewall at that address. I found another related link to them which opened as far as “our plants” but went no further. But, that’s by the way if they don’t sell online. Looks like a great place, though. .

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