A Makeshift Terrarium

Returning from Richard’s Greenhouse with two flats and three grocery bags filled with plants requiring high humidity, I had to quickly scrounge to find space for them all.  One of the ferns even got a little droopy during the 30-minute drive home.  The terrarium they ended up going in was meant for glassfrogs (on the right).  Here it is next to the Ranitomeya biolat terrarium.  They both have cork backgrounds, which made it easy to mount the new plants.  Despite its messiness, I like the new holding terrarium and am thinking of just keeping it as is.

And the plants! Species include Andinia schizopogon, Bulbophyllum lasiochilum x fascinator, Coelogyne “Linda Buckley’, Columnea ‘Lava Flow,’ Columnea flexiflova, Eria fragrans, and lots of NOIDS.  

Trichosalpinx chamaelepanthes also made its way into the purchase pile.  It’s probably my favorite orchid species (I say that not knowing 99% of them…), and every orchid show I go to I purchase one, hoping that, this time, it will live.  I think this is attempt #6.  Usually I would not try so many times, but this one is just too beautiful, with those tiny oval leaves and purple venation.  I suspect it needs better air flow than I’ve been giving it, so whenever I water now, am giving it a few good exhales.  It’s also positioned close to the top where there is more air exchange.  


Update May 1

I am overjoyed to say that the Trichosalpinx chamaelepanthes has not only survived but actually appears to be growing! Try #7 was apparently the charm.  To reward myself, I bought a second pole of it and now have two identical totems of this wondrous species sitting next to each other.


4 thoughts on “A Makeshift Terrarium

    1. Yes! I love it. I’m wondering if terra cotta saucers could be retrofitted into something similar to this. (not as nice of course, but functional).

  1. That Trichosalpinx chamaelepanthes is very cute . I’ll add that one to my endless Orchid list .

    1. It reminds me of a Peperomia. The flowers are super abundant, tiny blooms but really cute. I will bring some for you to the next Gesneriad meeting (assuming it’s still alive in a month)

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