Pellionia pulchra

Pellionia is a common houseplant and terrarium plant, suited to growing in a wide variety of conditions.  It is often grown in a hanging basket, where it will develop thick cascading foliage.  In a terrarium, it makes an excellent ground cover and will cover a substrate rather quickly.  It also grows as a shingler if positioned to do so.  It is one of the easiest plants to grow in a terrarium.

It’s native to South-East Asia where it’s found in Vietnam, Burma, the Malaysian Peninsula, and Polynesia.  Pellionia is a group of plants that have been kept ornamentally since the early 20th century.  This species is also called the ‘watermelon’ Pellionia, because of its pinkish-red stem and leaf undersides.  Leaves are dark green and silver striped and grow to 3-4″ long.  The name ‘pulchra’ is short for pulchritude, meaning beautiful.

pellonia pulchra