Nautilocalyx pictus ‘Jade’

This cultivar has been around for at least 20 years now! It is not very common, but holds it’s original name.  Nautilocalyx pictus can be found in the Guianas, Colombia, and Northern Brazil.  According to it is used locally as treatment against scorpion stings (doesn’t specify in what particular way).

The ‘Jade’ cultivar is similar to the nominal pictus in the elongated leaves, but the coloration is drastically different.  The nominal pictus has a bright green leaf center with  maroon edges, and ‘Jade’ is a dramatic silvery green with green-maroon running down the leaf center and bleeding out.  Leaves are finely serrated and new growth and more mature growth are very similar in color and appearance.  My plants have reached about 6″ tall, but it can get a little taller with time.  Overall though, it is a compact plant, and very slow growing for this Genus in my experience.

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