Begonia hybrid, ‘green’

This was a Gesneriad show purchase, and unfortunately, this one didn’t come with an ID.  It is not surprisingly very easy to grow and propagate and seems to stay an appropriate size to use in even smaller vivariums.  The leaves only reach about 2″, and the growth habit is such that it will ramble as much as you let it, but its root structure is rather ill-formed (at least in humid terraria) so it is very easy to cut back from the main stem.

The leaves are spiraled with serrated red edges and small hairs, and stems are a speckled red.

begonia sp.

1 thought on “Begonia hybrid, ‘green’

  1. ohhh. This one catches my eye. While I don’t like it quite as much as the ‘black truffle’, it would definitely be one I will consider.

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