Begonia cleopatrae

This Begonia species is from Palawan Island in the Philippines.  It is a nicely colored plant, especially when viewed in bright light.  A pale green mark runs down the middle of the leaf, and around the edges of the leaf is short pale striping.  It is a smaller Begonia species, with leaves that reach around 4-5?.  It grows well as a house plant (as pictured here) so long as it is provided with ample light.  I have grown it in south and east facing windows with success.

The pattern can vary, as shown here between plants grown in different conditions (one as a window plant, the other grown in a terrarium with clay substrate).  It seems tolerant of a wide variety of conditions, and has a sort of ‘creeping’ growth habit that is very charming.

Below, growing as a houseplant in a south facing window year round.

A nicely filled out cleopatrae growing in high humidity and soil mix,


Below, growing in a terrarium and displaying more green foliage, and a trailing habit.

And the flower,


2 thoughts on “Begonia cleopatrae

  1. I have this one ! It is very charming , I think it will be happier when the weather is warmer, It’s living in my unheated sun room .

  2. It was one of my first Begonia species, thanks to Stephanie Willis, and got me hooked! I suspect there is a small pocket of them residing around Portland. 🙂

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