Anthurium gracile

This small Anthurium species acclimates well to potted conditions or epiphytic growth. With good light they produce seeds early and frequently.  The seeds are the consistency of water chestnut and bright red.  Each berry holds two white seeds, and my plants have produced 2-16 berries on a flower, but a more mature plant can produce significantly more.  They germinate easily when placed in moist potting mix, but I’m unsure whether they would survive being dried. After only one-two days, the seeds will begin to grow.

Roots are extraordinarily long and beautiful, looking a bit like the roots of orchids, hanging down, perfectly happy to be in open air. This species is quite tolerant of drying out once acclimated, and a few of my adult plants are mounted close to the top of a terrarium with high light, and are kept fairly dry most of the time.  Their mature leaf size is around 2′, but in my experience it stays significantly smaller in a terrarium, usually around 6-7 inches.  The species is found “from Guatemala and Belize to the Guianas, southern Brazil and Peru. It is also known in the West Indies from Trinidad and Hispanola” (from

*Thanks to Mick Mittermier for identifying this plant, a correction from A. rupicola.