Hyperolius fusciventris terrarium

This one is difficult to photograph well from the front, but is more photogenic from a birds eye view thankfully. It has been setup since 2014 and was my first attempt at building a terrarium from scratch. It is a 14″ cube with a sliding glass lid that comes out the front and is held in place by clear H channel.  This design was preferable to a front opening door because these particular frogs were very bouncy when I received them (they have since become very docile) and would popcorn out of the terrarium every-time I fed them, so this design allows a small opening for feeding.  The vent in the back is enough to keep the glass condensation free. Most of the plants in here are very slow growing (that, or else I’m doing something wrong), including many Bulbophyllum sp., some grocery store Oncidium, and various Bryophyte species including a favorite Plagiochila from Gabon.  The ficus at the top and Begonia prismatocarpa are a bit faster but so far have remained very polite.