Dicranopygium stenophyllum

This Dircanopygium was a lucky replacement for another Dicranopygium I ordered from Ecuaflora, the original I don’t even remember now.  It has stayed under 18″ tall, and has been tolerant of a wide range of conditions.  Currently it’s growing atop a piece of wet wood, with its roots bundled in sphagnum and other plants.  The leaf is forked about 1/3 the way up, the forked halves remaining close together for the entire leaf.  The fragrance is strong, and even though in a terrarium can be smelled throughout the entire room.  It has bloomed on and off for the past month and has made a few fruits of which I still need to photograph.  The flowers are very short-lived, less than a day, and are brown and melty the next.


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