Ficus villosa

This incredible plant occurs throughout India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.  It is classified as critically endangered, but in the hobby it is a well known, only somewhat rare plant.  There are two different leaf forms depending on growing conditions.  When climbing, leaves are heart shaped and plastered to the growing surface.  When the plant gets so large growing on a tree that it moves off the tree, the leaves become more elongated and in isolation are more difficult to identify as F. villosa (but, easy enough to trace back to the shingling growth if need be).  New growth is more red, but quickly turns to the dark green.  The hairs are present on immature growth and appear less concentrated as the leaf grows, almost disappearing entirely in the ‘draping’ or ‘hanging’ type of growth.

Unfortunately growing plants in small bins has it’s limitations, and I’ve got no photos of this interesting growth habit, or the fruits.  But this website has lots of excellent documentation for this plant’s many growing habits.

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