Geogenanthus poeppigii

This Amazonian plant tolerates wetter conditions very well but doesn’t tolerate drying out.  It’s leaves reach about 4-4.5 inches and are nearly as wide as long (2.5-3.5 inches). Leaves are upward-facing or parallel to the ground and tightly rippled.  This species is most easily propagated with cuttings, which root quickly.  The flower only lasts for one day.The genus “Geogenanthus” is derived from 3 Greek words that mean earth (“geos”), borne (“genus”) and flower (“anthus”). The specific epithet “poeppigii” is named after E.F. Poeppig, a German explorer and professor of zoology (1798 – 1868).  This species reaches 8-10? tall.

Information obtained from, flora fauna.