A note on Nomenclature

A handful of plants on this site will be labeled with bogus names.  The plant archive is largely a database for myself so I can keep information organized.  I apologize if the naming causes confusion or if it is in any way insulting to those who have collected the plants or those with more experience with certain groups of plants.  If plants come to me with descriptive or singular names, even if they are not species names, I will keep them, but more often than not, the names are somewhat randomly ascribed or incorrect that it doesn’t do any good to hang on to them.  There can only be so many ‘Pilea sp. Ecuador’s’ or so many ‘unidentified liverworts’ before it gets really confusing! And I don’t like numbers.  So, I make up names.  Please forgive me.  And please excuse the perhaps inappropriate nomenclature.  If anyone reading knows what any of the NOIDs may be, please get in touch.