A Gallery Of Leaf Litter

by Chuck Nishihira

Maybe the first question the reader has is why bother?  As the magnolia and live oak leaves that are regularly used in terrariums are easy to source and have good durability.  And generally speaking are attractive and provide the frogs and invertebrates with healthy substrates.  But, these are the sort of things that Emily and I talk about when we discuss content for the blog.  That some may want to see a few photos of the details in situ.  Maybe for a few that want to put the effort into sourcing a wider variety of leaves, this post may also be helpful.  Of course these photos show a tiny amount of the possible variety.   Still you can make out philodendron leaves, bamboo leaves, some melastomataceae.  If your knowledge is great maybe even other types.  Hopefully, if nothing else, it displays how nice a variety of sizes can look and maybe gives the hobbyist some new ideas about these constantly changing mosaics.