Lepanthes species Palo Seco Forest Reserve, Panama

While I have never been lucky enough to see Lepanthes pantomima in the field, I am always on the lookout when it is a possible area.  Even when the elevation is a little higher than the known range, the scanning of thinner moss covered branches that these sort of species tend to favor continues.  The attention always pays off in other little pleurothallids.  There is a certain thrill whenever a new pleurothallid is encountered in flower. Even the ones that are not as flashy have unique and sometimes amusing traits.  This particular Lepanthes species occurred in small numbers at about 1000 meters in elevation. After taking a few photographs I could see the petals clearer, which looked to me like hairy arms resting on wide hips, impatiently waiting for me to take a photo and move on.


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