Asplenium holophlebium

by Chuck Nishihira

Surprisingly this widespread fern is rarely encountered in the terrarium hobby, probably due to it’s small size, it is often overlooked.  Grown well and in the right terrarium, this species can be a show stopper! Some forms are under 1/2″ tall, while the “giant” forms will reach 1″. Each plantlet will hold from 1 to 4 fronds. Wire thin rhizomes will radiate out and form new plant lets. In time this will form whole colonies. It is amazing to see when the fern takes over whole branches.
This tiny fern also looks particularly interesting growing among other small miniatures. A branch with some pleurothallids, a tiny trailing peperomia, some bryophytes, and this gem, would make even the tiniest terrarium fascinating.

And below, some Asplenium holophlebium growing in the wild