Shoat & Some Shoots

This little glass piglet was sitting all the way back in the cupboard, covered in dust and filled with some well aged truffle oil.  It was a souvenir that was purchased a decade earlier in some shop in the Paris airport.  A funny little container for something special.  The task of removing the oil was procrastinated upon and soon became a chore that just lingered.  Recently, during a once in a decade rummage through the back of the cabinets, memories of this good idea found it’s way onto my work table.  The hardest part was trying to remove the old swollen cork stopper, without breaking the piglet.  It’s gaudy gold top slippery from old who knows what.  Once the top was removed I used the truffle oil to cook dinner… haha, yeah right!

The little pig was cleaned out and wiped down.  A little New Zealand sphagnum was added, even though this is probably not the best choice.  For already the sphagnum is  sprouting back to life.  In a year or two the bottle will probably be filled with nothing but sphagnum, the other occupants choked out by then.  But, I was just playing around and knew I would probably remove everything in a year’s time. On top of the moss were laid some Riccardia species from Colombia, a few Octoblepharum species, and a tiny piece of a filmy fern called Trichomanes elegans.  After planting, it was put next to a window to get some morning sun.  The gold topped stopper was so hideous, that I left it off thinking I would find a replacement.  Again, it never happened.  But to my surprise, all of these humidity loving plants did very well, and grew quickly. In fact the Octoblepharum did better than when it is pampered.  It is twice the size of my largest ones in normal containers.

It is watered once a month or so and a drop of a seaweed fertilizer is added.  While the Trichomanes has a long way to go before it matures, I decided I’d better take it out before the only way to do so would be to break the pig!  Or the fern!  Not sure which would hurt more. So, I decided to take a few pics and share this funny little terrarium with some rare little plants, before I take it apart.

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