Ferns in the Cordillera del Condor, Ecuador

This pristine forest occurs alongside the site locale for Excitobates condor, not 2 km from the Peruvian border.  Further up the road and slightly higher than where Excitobates condor is known to occur, there are trails leading off the road that are immediately stunning and rich with plant diversity.  The altimeter we took unfortunately died, so the elevation is somewhat undetermined, but it was probably around 2000m.  There were an incredible amount of orchids blooming in addition to the abundance of filmy ferns and Bryophytes.

Many small Elaphoglossums here grew on the trees with filmy ferns.

This branch was in a tangle of trees, and almost entirely covered with this one filmy fern.

Every so often, we came across small enclaves of forest that were more open on the floor and filled with epiphytes. Branches of pole trees had fallen and provided so much cover, a person standing five feet away was almost entirely hidden.