Biophytum propagation

One of my favorite plants is a Biophytum sp. from Rob’s Violet Barn, partially because it is giant for a Biophytum, and partially because it seems to grow however many leaves you manage to knock off or how many times you forget to water it.  But, it does all this without being weedy and taking over a terrarium (and even without taking up too much space!).  I’m not sure if it is normal for Biophytums to grow from a full stem off the rosette, but this one grows remarkably well if propagated this way.  I had accidentally knocked one of the long stems off, and it felt like a waste to just throw it away, so I stuck it in a bed of sphagnum and within a matter of weeks a very small but full looking baby biophytum was popping up from the base.  This particular Biophytum also grows from single leaves, which seems rather amazing.  Here are some images of some B. sp. Ecuador and B. soukupii, grown in various ways.


And here, the plant lost some leaves and is propagating itself.