Rhodospatha species Light Pink

Rhodospathas are a very overlooked genus for use in the terrarium.  Many pretty ones come from Ecuador and Peru. Some were even introduced en masse via tissue culture over a decade ago, but are still not very often seen in terrariums.  They are relatively slow growing, and are either small or willing to stay in the juvenile form.  The new growths are usually colorful, adding a bit of color without overwhelming the plantings. Several cuttings growing up a branch or background would be stunning.  All these traits put together make their absence even more puzzling.

This species from Peru with the light pink new growth adds a delicate, but pretty range of color for this genus. This new growth matures into a slightly iridescent green leaf in medium light.  When grown in higher light, the pretty pink turns into a pale orange before turning into a brighter green leaf.  Hopefully in time we will see more and more of these making their way into hobbyists tanks.


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