My fat little lady

by Chuck Nishihira

I have enjoyed all of the dartfrogs that have been under my care, but this female Dendrobates tinctorius Oyopok was a favorite of mine for many, many years.  She lived to be just about 20 years old.  And while her mate of a decade and a half passed away too soon, she continued to do well.  While she gained a lot of weight once she wasn’t breeding anymore, she seemed as healthy as ever.  I certainly needed to have cut back on her feedings once she was by herself, but as you can tell I didn’t.  One interesting note is that for most of her life she was fed a diet which was primarily termites. I did dust with supplements regularly, but diversity of diet just was not there. Still she lived a long life, produced a lot of babies, and stuck out in my mind as one of my favorites. Here’s to my fat little lady.