Bucephalandra species Sekadau a simple one from the early days

I remember visiting Japanese aquarium stores well over a decade ago and being floored when I saw Bucephaladras for the first time.  The diversity of what was available then in no way compares to the present.  But seeing these special plants is a fond memory of mine.  Sitting down and sharing a MacDonald’s “Filet O shrimp” (this is japan remember) and looking at photos of Bucephalandras in their natural Bornean habitat, what a nice time. While I think Bucephalandra submerged in the aquarium is beautiful, in my eyes it never compares to those early pictures that were shared with me. Completely covering the rocks emerging from a little stream is where they look their best to me.  Over the years I have realized that their growth is much faster submerged and their maintenance much less.  I have had the first species I acquired and the the topic of this blog grow to be 9 crowns big in a terrarium.  It took several years of care, only to succumb quickly to a little forgetfulness.  I still hope to one day create a stream side tank with these gems, but that is without doubt many, many years away. For now I share the simple beauty of B. sp. Sekadau which represents my earliest memories of this wonderful genus.