The Diversity of Filmy Ferns

by Chuck Nishihira

Filmy ferns as a group is a perfect starting point for this blog.  Their diversity overwhelms the enthusiast and puzzles the uninitiated.  “Aren’t these all the same plant” is a common phrase heard while looking at my collection. These shy ferns with their subtle and transparent fronds, hiding in the shadows, require close and thorough observation.

If they were bolder or larger ferns the differences may be more apparent to the casual observer.  I don’t mind stepping in to point out the tiny differences, to share the passion that these ferns bring me.  Hopefully through these photographs, the reader may start to see the diversity that has always been pure joy to me.

With this viewpoint, I hope this blog will show that any forest, garden, or even a tiny glass box, can hold an endless amount of wonderfulness.